How to make fresh fruit colorful ice cream?

[Without ice-cream ice cream] How to make fresh fruit colorful ice cream?
Who does not like a colorful ice cream? Especially the child likes it more. Today's recipe is about to be removed from heat. Yes, the heat has just begun, and to avoid this, we adopt a variety of techniques, so this recipe is for the heat removal.

Today I will make you ice ice cream in which I will not use any chemical. Today I will show you 2 fruits (mango and melon) ice cream. If you want to make other ice cream such as other fruits, it is very easy to make and it also makes the bag very less. So let's start making ice cream, we need to make these two ice cream …

Ice Cream Making Ingredients: -
For watermelon ice cream
Watermelon: 1/2 kg (one quarter)
Sugar: 25 grams
For Mango-Ice Cream

Ripe Mango 2
Sugar: 25 grams
Water: 150ml
So let's start making ice cream …
First we will cut the watermelon in small pieces.
2. And make her juice from juices or blender (note that her seed should not break).
3. Now we will put a cotton cloth on top and know the juice of watermelon.
4. Now we will put sugar in it and mix it well.
5. Then we will put watermelon juice in the side, and peel the mango and make even small pieces of it.
6. Then we will put it in juices and put sugar.
7. Then we will pour lots of water into it. (Because after grinding it, it becomes very thick.
8. And our mango juice has become.
9. Now we will take the ice cream mold and mix both the juices well.
10. Then put it in the mold one by one.
11. And now we will put a lid of mold.
12. If you do not have that mold, you can make ice cream in paper glass, for that I have taken two paper glasses.
14. If you throw ice cream in the mango juice, then it will remain in the middle, but if put in the watermelon juice it will go in the side, so we will put the spoon in it later.
15. Now we will put all the ice cream in the freezer and leave it to freeze for five to six hours.
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